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Vocedu Chalk Board Handwriting

“VocEdu” Chalkboard Writing Program

Are you feeling uncomfortable while writing on the Board?

These days various tools and techniques are available for classroom education like smart boards, touch screen, language labs etc. This could be one of the reasons that most of the teachers are putting less effort to master the old skill – Blackboard or Chalkboard Writing. On the other hand we all know Chalkboard Writing is widely used cost effective medium to deliver classroom lecturers.

Current Scenario We have found in NTT, JBT, and B.Ed even Master degrees courses generally Art and Craft teachers being given additional responsibility of imparting Chalkboard Writing (CBW). We are not contesting university approved syllabus but, looking forward to assist all education institutions by providing practical tools and techniques required during actual classroom board writing.

Concept To elaborate the fact handwriting is basically of two types – Horizontal and Vertical Writing. In case of Horizontal Writing we generally use table or write while sitting on chair or floor and during Vertical Writing we write on a wall or board in standing posture. Art and Craft teachers have mastery over art but, face challenges in imparting ocular –motor skills required in standing posture and practical tools and techniques of CBW.

Challenge Irony is we as teachers, parents, educationists preach pupils to improve handwriting; while we ourselves write illegible CBW.VocEdu has come up with this VCBW (VocEdu Chalkboard Writing) program after lot of on ground research by contacting various teachers, educationists, graphologists and above all handwriting experts.

This course is not only for teachers but everyone who has to write on board during trainings even if they are using markers. We are sure that our assistance will help everyone to learn stepwise methodologies for mastering the CBW.


  • Legible CBW by teachers sends strong visual message to pupils in class for improving their handwriting
  • Optimum usage of board leads to effective delivery of classroom lectures with better retention by pupils
  • Less physical pains(hand, wrist amp; shoulder), backaches, neck pains etc. and fatigue
  • Full command over class because of high confidence level

We dedicate this course to educationist fraternity and trainers of this world.