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Write Well-Handwriting Improvement & Calligraphy-

A premier programme exclusively developed by a team of skilled trainers & course instructors having a special feature of handwriting activities.

Handwriting is an act of the sub conscious mind hence referred to as Brain Writing! 

Thw course includes

Print/Script writing

Junior/Senior cursive English writing

Hindi &

Calligraphy with calligraphy pencil/glitter pens/chisel markers & cut nib pens

Skill activity based classes are most important!

We start each Handwriting class with our exclusive activity sessions for enhancing:

Motor skills, Sensory skills, Eye Hand coordination, Scissor activity, Grasping the pencil/pen, Sitting posture, Gross motor skills etc.

These activities are conducted with the help of beads, thread, coins, cards, sand, clay, buttons, water, balloons, scissor, drawing paper, stickers and much much more!

Handwriting Improvement: 100% guarantee

Is your child unable to concentrate? Changing his handwriting can help

We know it’s very difficult to control the mind. Sometimes children feel frustrated when they can’t concentrate on their studies despite trying too hard. Parents spend hours searching the Internet and books. Few even try seeking counsellors or psychologist’ advise to improve their concentration. But very few methods actually work. Swami Vivekananda has compared mind to a maddened monkey made to drink freely of wine and stung by a scorpion.

Every child has to write during school as well as college education. Good news is handwriting reveals us many traits of a person that too with solutions. In handwriting analysis, lack of concentration is reflected by a few strokes, such as I and j dots and t-bars. Their placement, size and shape or absence, for that matter, manifests an individual’s level of concentration.

You can try few tips to improve concentration level.

Tip 1 – Make your child write a page 40% smaller than normal size of letters with 100% dots on i, j and t- bars for next 21 days.

Tip 2 – Ask your child to draw following for next 21 days – one page daily


And observe positive changes in concentration level.

We have developed a handwriting improvement programme with activities which not only helps to improve concentration but develop overall personality of students. Course material includes progressive handmade fonts along with well designed activities on ocular-motor-sensory skills improvement. It helps a child’s brain develop and nourishes the child’s potential for a lifetime.

Calligraphy- Basic with Glitter pens, Advanced with cut nib ink pens

Calligraphy is a Greek word. “Calli” means beautiful and “Graphy” for writing, so Calligraphy literally means “Beautiful Handwriting”. This can be achieved by using different kind of pens and nibs.

Our scientific and proven techniques teaches a person to write beautifully and legibly with speed and accuracy with out the use of any special pens or nibs.

Side loop, down loop, Old German, Old English, are some of the Calligraphy styles.

Handwriting worshop for adults

NLH has an exclusive handwriting workshop for Lawyers, Engineers, Doctors, Professionals etc.

A 1 day programme can change your entire perspective to life! Guaranteed!